Krav Maga Level 1

There is no substitute in a group class. However, this course is great for someone who wants to learn the mechanics of the defenses and strikes. I will give you abbreviated but detailed lessons on each technique as well as some drills to help you practice. You can just keep working the techniques forever if you like and never have to do anything else. As a member of this course if you feel that you have put in sufficient repetitions of the techniques and you feel that you can test for the next LEVEL you can. I will have you submit a video of select techniques and based on that I will tell you if you are ready to test. 

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Lessons in this Course

LEVEL 1 INTRO and Combatives


This video goes over what you can expect out of the course and how you should view the training. I will never post long rambling videos that take 15 minutes to finally get to the reason that you opened the video in the first place. Every video in this course is under 5 MINUTES long. I skip over flashy demos for the most part to just focus on the key points of each lesson. Watch each video a million times. Look at each technique and replicate the movements exactly as I demonstrate them. Most of these Techniques can be practiced without a partner. Don't get me wrong, there is NO SUBSTITUTE for training under resistance with a live partner. Even better to train with a partner in a group class in front of a qualified Instructor. However, you don't need a partner to get the movements down correctly. 

Fighting Stance and Movement

Learning how to stand and move in a stance that allows you to attack, defend and move without exposing yourself to strikes or takedowns. Your stance is the very foundation that we build all of your strikes on. You can not build on a shaky foundation. Make sure you are balanced at all times and never resting on your back heel. Keeping the back heel up allows you to move explosively. 


Straight Punches and Palm Heels

Straight punching withe top 2 knuckles and the same strike using the heel of the hand instead. 

Keep your elbow down and never "flying" out to the side. If you think that you are pushing off of the floor and twisting your body then DO IT MORE! The power is in the proper technique NOT the muscle. Always recoil as explosively as you punched and keep your hands in front of your face not your chest. 

Rising Front Kick

Commonly referred to as "Groin Kick". This kick can actually be thrown to any horizontal target. 


Make sure that you are sending your hips out from under your shoulders when you kick. NOT leaning back. Recoil your kick fast and make sure you put your foot down into your fighting stance. Not in a spot where you have to adjust it to get back into your stance. Be careful not to rest on your back heel when you recoil. 

Straight Knees

Throwing knees directly forward to your opponent either with or without having a hold of them.

Drive off the floor as hard as you can but do NOT jump. Send you hips through your attacker. Make sure that you are hitting with your knee and not your thigh. 

When controlling your opponent make sure you pull them into your knee and then drive your  (yours and theirs) weight onto their heels.


Learning how to address when your attacker changes levels and how to actually Sprawl on them in defense of an actual takedown.


This is an old fight in an organization from Japan called Pride. Say what you will about the fight itself, this is a great example of Ken Shamrock beating many of Fujitas' take down attempts not with a full sprawl but by recognizing the Level Change and dropping his level ahead of the Take down. Check it out RIGHT HERE. Just don't forget to come back to the course!


Shadowboxing is you moving around in your fighting stance and mentally visualizing attacks coming for you and sending attacks to your opponent. Everything is done with proper form while sending your bodyweight into each strike.

Angled Palm Heel Strikes

Using your Palm Heel Strike as a Hook or Uppercut. Very useful at different ranges. Make sure your forearm is parallel to the ground on impact for the Hook. Drive with your legs and hip to get max power in the uppercut. We will use the same techniques with fists in the next level. 


Using your fist in a similar manner that you would a Hammer. Targeting the Face and Neck. When using this technique make sure you strike with the entire side of your fist. I want you to imagine trying to drive a nail flush with one strike. Do not bend the nail by swiping your hammer after impact. 


Using the Knife edge of your hands as a chop. Specifically to target the Brachial Plexus at the side of the neck. 



Here is a good example of an INWARD ANGLE CHOP to the Brachial Plexus. 


This is a great example of an OUTWARD ANGLE CHOP to the Brachial Plexus.

Mouth of Hand/Ridgehand

Using the Top of the fist(Thumb side) or the opposite of the knife hand (Thumbside) as a weapon. Specifically targeting the Brachial Plexus at the side of the neck. 



Striking with your Elbow. I love this Weapon! It is hitting someone with a solid bone with no padding. This is a great tool that can allow someone to do damage against a much larger person.

Round Knees

Like a Roundkick only shorter range. You can do this while holding onto your attacker or hands free. Your shin should be horizontal to the ground on impact. 

Knee Control/Armbar Takedown

Remember this is for when you happen to find your arm under theirs. This is not something you should try for if it isn't readily available. Be sure to keep driving their body weight to the opposite side of their body so that they can be bumped over.

Knee Control "Swim"

Do not ever stop driving them back. The most common mistake is when students stop putting weight on the opponent to swim over. 

Ball of Foot Front Kick

Punch with your hips. Do Not push! Recoil just as fast as you kicked and along the same path that you kicked. Do not just drop your leg after you kick.

Groin Kick with switch and Variations

Stay on the ground when you switch. Don't jump. When not in a fighting stance you must kick with the leg that has most of your weight on it. 

Low Punch

Elevator.Train. Never Escalator. You need to drop all at once so you go beneath their punches.

Punches NO Stance

This is more than likely how you will need to throw your first few punches. Nobody walks around in a fighting stance. Focus on BIG rotation. Bodyweight always going into the target. 


Roundkicks need to be thrown in combination with other strikes so it is important that you can recover immediately to your fighting stance so that you can follow this strike up! 


Training Drill: Hang a Tennis Ball or an empty Cardboard tube from a string. Kick it gently with good form. The ball should swing directly away from your kick and the string should remain tight. If the ball goes up then you are not turning your kick over enough.


Advancing and Retreating Punches

Don't think of these as lunging at your attacker with a punch. Think of it instead as needing to advance in with strikes to follow up on a previous strike that has knocked your attacker back. Also, the term "retreating" can be somewhat misleading. If you're in the fight you don't retreat at all until you can safely disengage from your attacker entirely. Think of it rather as jumping back to evade a punch from your attacker then burst back in to counter attack. 


LEVEL 1 Blocking and Redirecting

360 w/Counters

Perhaps the most important strike defense in the system. Use 1 block to defend against any arm strike that is traveling in an arching path. Anything but straight. Hook Punch, Haymaker, Stab, etc. This is also one of the best techniques to demonstrate the Krav Maga Principle of throwing a simultaneous counter attack with your defense. 

Inside Defense

Keep the redirection small. You only need the punch to barely miss your face. A BIG redirection takes your hand away from your face for too long leaving you exposed to more punches. 

LEVEL 1 Defenses for Grabs and Chokes

Wrist Releases

This is for when someone has a grasp on your wrist and you believe that if you can relieve their grasp then you can diffuse the situation and walk away. If you at all feel that a fight or a further attack is imminent then you would ignore the wrist grab and start striking. They will let go then!

Headlock from the side

Step around FASTER than your attacker is pulling you. 

Feet perpendicular to theirs

chin tucked toward their body

Throw that initial groin strike with everything you have!

Headlock with Punches

Keep your chin toward the attackers body

Lock both hands on the punching arm tight THEN let go with one and step around with a HUGE punch to the groin.

Headlock Wall Brace

This starts with knowing your surroundings. Being aware that you are near a wall. Do not take your hand off the wall until you feel the attackers weight go back. He doesn't need to let you go for you to not post on the wall. He just need to not be driving you towards it.

Bar Arm and Carotid Choke

Turn your chin to your shoulder AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. If you can do it as the choke is being applied that is best. If the choke is on then turn your chin as soon as you pluck. 

Pluck back deep using the hand that is on the side of the attackers hands a micro second ahead of the other hand

Raise your opposite shoulder high. 

Stay upright. Do not bend at the hips! 

Chokes with a Push

One Leg moves AWAY from the Attacker and the opposite Bicep must be against your ear to isolate the attackers wrist. 

From the front PIVOT 90 Degrees. No more. No less 

From behind turn your entire stance around 180 degrees. Do not Cross your feet! 

The bicep to your ear IS the defense. 

Choke from Behind Armbar Takedown

DO NOT use this in self defense. It is good for understanding how locks like this work so that we can avoid them. Not for saving your life. 

Choke Defenses using Pluck

Plucks can not be done slowly or with a pause at any point. It should a fast, explosive motion followed with an immediate (simultaneous if possible) counter attack. 

Shirt Grab Takedown

Pin the hand to your chest

Pin the forearm to your body 

Step back fast with a big step. 

Do not force the arm down or crouch.

Shirt Grab Armbar

Step forward and across at a diagonal angle to the arm

Your arm should pinch the attackers arm at his elbow

Both hands under his wrist 

Shirt Grab Arm break

Strike the groin at the same time your hand grabs theirs 

Make sure your elbow is covering your face

Strike with your whole forearm not the fist. This way you can not miss. 



Arm Pulls

Burst forward toward the direction of the Elbow of the arm that is pulling you. 

Burst forward further and faster than what they are pulling you. 


LEVEL 1 Ground Techniques

Ground Fighting Stances

Keep your hands up! Your attacker can potentially hit your face from much further away than you might think. 

Axe Kick

Hit with the heel and pull your leg down to the ground. 

Do not bend your leg. 


Side Kick

Drive your weight forward. 

Keep your foot sideways on impact. 


Front Kick

I know I said not to go for the head and I still wouldn't advise you to look for that target first BUT sometimes it is just an absolute GIFT TO YOU.



I have referenced this fight several times over the years from the perspective of being the person standing and watching out for the feet of the opponent on their back. This is why! 

Round Kick

There is a ton of power in this kick! 


When using the closer range kick be sure to keep your hands up in front of your face!

Transition Kick

Keep your hand in front of your face. 

Rock your body weight forward as you kick. 

There is not enough power without your body weight.



Technical Get Up

It is extremely important that you create as much space as possible when you get up. Try measuring out how far you go back when you practice. 

Foot Stripping

When being turned remember to accelerate and get your eyes on what you want to kick.

Kick off from Guard

Kick for the CHEST. This will move the whole body back. If you kick the hips or stomach they will hinge and not go back. 

Buck Trap n Roll

Keep your hands tight to your head. 

The first Buck stops the punches 

Trap and arm and foot on the same side. 

Bridge them up towards your head and THEN roll to the side. Do not do this with your hips down. 


LEVEL 1 Physical Conditioning

Shadowboxing Workout

LEVEL 1 Bonus Content

Home safety

Know your house!

LEVEL 2 Combatives

Hooks and Uppercuts

Proper form for throwing Hook and Uppercut punches. Remember the longer your hands are away from your face the longer you are exposed for counter punches. Don't drop your hands! 


Defensive Front Kick

Drive off of the floor and STOMP the heel of your foot through your Attacker. Keep your hands up and put your hips into the kick. DO NOT jump or rise up on the Ball of your Foot.

Attackers POV

I'm going to remake this one from a different Camera Angle

Advancing Groin Kick

One of the Biggest mistakes with this technique is that people tend to LEAN before they move. This telegraphs your technique. If you feel yourself begin to lean, GO!

Attacker POV Advancing Groin Kick
Uppercut Back Kick

There really are not many practical applications for this other than the main one demonstrated. However, a tool that you don't have is one that you can't use!

Eric Sepeda

Chief Instructor
Eric Sepeda has been teaching Krav Maga for 15 years. He was one of the first 4 instructors from Krav Maga Worldwide to be tested and awarded a 3rd Dan Black Belt by Darren Levine himself. Darren Learned Krav Maga directly from Imi Lichtenfeld (the founder of Krav Maga). Some of Eric's accomplishments include: 2015 Krav Maga Worldwide Instructor of Year. Chosen out of several hundred Instructors from around the World. He has trained several celebrities and has done fight choreography for Film and Television. Eric regularly trains Police Officers from multiple different departments including having taught multiple courses among 3 different Police Academies. Official Trainer of Georgia Department of Transportation HERO Division Taught THOUSANDS of students over the years.